Are you ready to reinvent your relationship?

The quality of our relationship affects every aspect of our lives, from our mental, emotional and physical health, to our finances, longevity and overall enjoyment of life.

Imagine being in a partnership where you feel supported, chosen, respected and seen. Deeply connected and grateful for the abundance of love you get to wake up to every day.

You get to co-create the relationship you've always wanted that may have felt out of reach.

If you're ready to bring more love and magic out of your imagination and into your relationship, let's talk.

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Put an end to self sacrifice in your relationship. 

With one-on-one guidance and support in the safe space we co-create, you can learn to choose yourself while digging deep to heal together as a couple.




We work with couples to teach you how to:

  • Deepen compassion and understanding for yourself and your partner
  • Identify long-held beliefs and patterns that have been repeatedly played out and kept you stuck re-creating your past
  • Take radical responsibility and show up with new levels of honesty¬†and transparency

Let love in. Give your partner new ways to learn the guidebook on how best to love you, and be open to learning how to do the same for them.

You might be thinking...

"I'm already listening to her problems and now you want me to pay someone to come in and be the arbitrator of why I’m the asshole?"


"I've already told him the same thing a thousand different times in a thousand different ways, I'm exhausted. How is this going to change anything?"

There's a different path forward. 

It's possible for all needs to be met. Yes, really.

And it starts with taking putting the sword down, breaking apart the hidden dynamics at play that are sabotaging the relationship and opening to a new set of perspectives.

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And feel deeply connected.

You can either be right or you can be in relationship.

When you spend more time airing your grievances and keeping track of who made the first move or is more right than the other, you'll end up locked in a frustrating dynamic that will leave both of you feeling confused, unseen and misunderstood.

No conflict isn't the goal. 

Conflict is the natural result of people seeking to get their needs met, and conflict is healthy. Instead, it's about doing conflict better, a little more gently, and with a skillset that will actually progress the relationship and deepen the connection rather than deteriorate it. 

We're here to coach you how to:

  • Break down your walls
  • Co-create a better and more deeply connected sex life
  • Design and build the most fulfilling, supportive and loving relationship you've ever been in


Why work with us?

With a combined 35+ years of coaching experience between us, we've helped countless people around the globe turn their relationships around, deepen into love and experience new heights of intimacy and connection.

Both of us were led to this work through our own experiences and navigating shattering heartbreaks, and it set each of us on a journey to deeply explore relational skills, embodiment practices and gain invaluable wisdom.

If you're committed to creating MAGIC in your life and relationship with more joy, love and peace, this is where to start.

Book a call with us so we can learn more about you and get started.

*Don't see a time that works on the calendar? Email [email protected]¬†and we'll coordinate with you!

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"The moment my partner and I got engaged, we knew we would be interested in pre-marital coaching but were unsure of where to find these services. I've been working with Emily 1 on 1, and when she mentioned the option of doing couples work with her and Kelly, I knew instantly that they would be the perfect fit. They created a program perfectly tailored to our needs. We are only 5 sessions in, and our relationship has already transformed in ways I didn't know were possible. If you are searching for the best couples coaches, look no further!"


"I cannot sing Kelly and Emily‚Äôs praises enough! The sessions my fianc√©e and I have had, both individually and as a couple, have been tremendous in helping us understand ourselves, how we interact with others, and especially how we communicate and love one another. Kelly and Emily have been able to give us a ‚Äúplay book‚ÄĚ on how to better love one another based on our personal needs and predispositions, which has resulted in more self-confidence, awareness, and relational strength. I knew¬†coaching would be beneficial, but I had no idea it would have the amount of impact it has!"



We'll meet bi-weekly with both of you for 16 weeks.

Each of you will get two solo sessions with each of us. Then we do the remaining sessions as a group with all of us together.

We'll help you create a clear strategy to move your relationship forward and break the dynamics that have been running your life to welcome in more love.

Book a call to learn more and we can talk about what's been going on for you.



This is for you if you're a couple who has:

  • Hit a rough patch
  • Tired of relationship failure
  • Been in relationships that didn‚Äôt work and see the same old patterns in your partners and¬†yourself - and you want to do things differently this time
  • A strong desire to solidify your foundation as a couple before taking the next step in your relationship
  • Decided you want more than the status quo "good enough" relationship because you're aiming for extraordinary - and you know you need help developing the skills to get there

Maybe you have a pattern of relationships going from saviour to villain.

My knight in shining armour becoming my dark night of the soul.


My lady in the streets and freak in the sheets becoming the ice queen.

Walking away from a relationship without addressing all the patterns and shadows that are showing up is a good way to guarantee that they'll show up again in the next one.

Instead, let's re-imagine relationship and create something new.

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An old soul, Emily brings playful energy and a¬†sense of humour¬†combined¬†with compassion and candor to the exploration of love. Emily is a¬†relationship coach, author of the book You Grow Me, speaker and¬†host of the¬†Room to Grow‚ĄĘ Podcast. With a wide-ranging educational and work background along with more than a decade of coaching experience, she takes a holistic approach to the relationships. Using the psychology and physiology of emotions, Emily will give you the real-life tools and perspective you need to reconnect to yourself and create a¬†drastically happier, healthier¬†and more loving relationship.¬†

Connect with Emily @emilygoughcoach or book a call.


With over 25 years of experience in education, Kelly has taught some form of personal growth to every stage from preschool through graduate school. His early training in drama therapy, non-violent communication, and childhood development combine with his more recent experiences in parenting, personal development and leadership to create a unique approach to helping individuals grow their most loving relationships. Kelly’s greatest joy is sharing his life with Emily and his two boys.

Connect with Kelly @iamkellygardner or book a call.

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