You think heartbreak is an ending.

It's actually a beginning. 


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You think heartbreak is an ending.

It's actually a beginning.

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We all undergo heartbreak.

It's part of the universal human experience, even within the context of healthy relationships.

There's a painful kind of freedom in a broken heart.

  • You get to write a new story.
  • You can decide to make it a catalyst to your own growth.
  • You can create a different kind of love, one that starts from within you and grows outwardly until others start to notice the glow.


This might be the first time we're meeting, but just like you, I've experienced the life-altering pain of heartbreak and betrayal. And while it took what felt like every ounce of my strength, I made a choice very early in my journey that I would allow the pain to crack me open, to use it as a pathway to my own healing and growth. I refused to allow it to close me off from love and connection, to withhold what I considered to be some of the very best parts of me.

And with the journey came the realization that I was called to go deeper into this work, to teach others to create their own transformations from rock bottom moments.

Relationships are a mirror reflecting back to us the parts we like about ourselves...and the parts we try to avoid. Those areas that are hard to face is why doing this work can change you down to your very core.

Especially because the quality of your relationships can never exceed the quality of the one you have with yourself.

We need your warmth, compassion and empathy. We need you to be more of the love you want to see and experience.

Most importantly, a relationship ending is never a failure. It’s an introduction to a new version of yourself.


We often end up heartbroken when we go through a breakup or someone leaves us because we’re devastated to think love has left us.

Love never leaves us.

When we show up with love and embody love in everything that we do, when we BE the love, we realize that love is always with us. We carry it with us wherever we go.


Change your stories.

Change your perception.

Change the way you show up in the world.

Be the love.

Yes! I want in.

You have versions of yourself buried within you that you haven’t even met yet, and they’re just waiting to be uncovered.

Heartbreak can be full of opportunities.

It throws us into transitions we never asked for and didn’t want.

It doesn’t happen for a reason, because sometimes sh*t just happens.

But when it occurs, you get to choose the reason. You get to choose who you want to become.

Doing this work has come from my own heart-shattering experiences and years immersed in constant studying, reading and real-life lived experience coaching people exactly like you.

It's through this practice that my CREATE method was born. Here's how it works:

C - Clarity. A common issue in relationships is repeating patterns, replaying the same issues because we’re searching for ways to heal past hurts, and without the clarity, we continue to stay stuck in heartbreak. Everything you need to know is already within you, and I’ll teach you how to find that inner wisdom.

R - Responsibility. The only way to let go, grow, and move on is to take responsibility for your role in any relationship. It doesn’t mean what’s happened to you is ok. It means that you have to own your choices and pull the lessons from the pain so you can level the F up and alchemize it into the relationships you want.

E - Enhance your life. Take care of your body, mind and nervous system. Learn how to deepen into and appreciate who you really are, because the quality of the relationship you have with yourself will impact all the others.

A - Alignment & Action. Become so aligned with who you’re growing into that you can feel the shift happening - and everyone around you feels it too. The right people start to come into your life when you take the action to embody the kind of person you want to be with.

T - Truth. Being completely honest with yourself about who you are and what you desire, and learning to communicate, trusting that speaking your truth is a natural vetting system.

E - Elevate your relationships. As in, stop choosing the same “type” over and over again, because you could do this work and still pick the person who feels familiar, because it’s comfortable. You’re ready for the kind of relationships that fill you up and feel safe, consistent and full of calm and peace.


These aren't the skills that are taught in school. Yet they're the ones that will impact every aspect of your life the most, from your mental, physical and emotional health and sense of purpose, to your finances and the way you connect.

When we're in pain is often when we feel our weakest, but it can also be a beautiful opportunity to show up for yourself in whole new ways and create the life and relationships you want.

When we work together, you'll experience transformational growth in all 4 pillars:


Get hyper-focused and clear on who you are, your needs, exactly how you want to feel in a relationship, and embodying the qualities of the type of human you want to attract. Because if you can't see you for who you really are, how will anyone else?


Tough conversations, radical honesty, difficult realizations about yourself and old patterns, moving through pain, and creating boundaries. This work is an initiation into who you are becoming. Courage is what happens when you’re scared & hurt, and you do the thing anyway - which is why it's hard.


The conversations you’re most afraid to have are the ones you need to have most, and without communication, it’s a quick path to resentment. Learn how to share your needs and desires effectively, and experience the beauty of the repair that makes the relationship stronger when you move through conflict with a partner.


Get out of your own way and let people see you. Like, REALLY see you. Fill every space you enter with your presence effortlessly, show up as your genuine self with ease and your confidence and energy will radiate from you - and people will want more of it. 

I'm Emily Gough.


And I feel your pain, because I deeply understand heartbreak.

My life was flipped upside down with a knock on the door one Christmas Eve.

Everything changed that night, when I found out that my partner at the time of 9 years had been having an affair off/on for our entire time together.

It was a devastating blow. The kind that left me unable to find the strength to peel myself off the cold white tiles of the kitchen floor more nights than I could count, wondering how my entire life had collapsed around me.

But I made a decision very early on that no matter the pain, I would choose to find a way to make this the best thing to ever happen to me. I refused to allow my circumstances to run my life, and was determined to find a way to turn it into fuel.

I sold nearly everything I owned and took off to the other side of the world with a one-way plane ticket to heal my heart and learn how to become more of myself, knowing I needed to remain on my own for as long as it took to focus on my own growth before fully understanding that this work was what I am called to teach.

Since then, I’ve coached countless humans how to navigate pain, heartbreak and betrayal and to heal, let go, and alchemize it to grow into the powerful, magnetic versions of themselves that they had sensed under the surface all along but had never been able to uncover.

With features in well-known publications like Forbes and as the host and founder of the top 200 Room to Grow™ Podcast, experience has taught me that our relationships impact every area of how we show up in the world, from our mental and physical health and sense of purpose, to our finances and how we connect.


You have a choice.

You can allow pain and heartbreak to harden your heart and make you bitter.

Or, you can allow it to soften you. To become a stronger, more compassionate, confident and empathetic human because of it, someone with healthy boundaries, discernment, and a much deeper capacity for real, true love than ever before.

Our work together provides you a safe, non-judgmental space to open and feel seen, heard and understood while you grow.

It's time to stop repeating your patterns and create new ones as you change the way you show up in the world to come home to yourself.

Show up with love. Be the love you want to see more of in the world.


I'm ready. Let's go!

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I truly believe everyone can become an emotional alchemist, learning to transform circumstances into the gold that becomes the foundation of who you grow into.