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Mastermind with Emily Gough

Have the audacity to live life on your terms.


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Room to Grow™ Mastermind with Emily Gough

Have the audacity to live life on your terms.

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In just 8 weeks, you will go from confused, overwhelmed and disconnected to bold, courageous, decisive and confident inside the Room to Grow™ Mastermind.

Yes, seriously.


Does this sound like you? 

Feeling unseen, unheard, misunderstood and wondering to yourself, 'is this it?'

Feeling needy, anxious and disconnected in your relationships.

Terrified of the unknowns that would come with making different choices with your life.

Getting triggered by the success of others, seeing them live the life you want.

It's time to break the cycle.


We get one shot at life.


It's time to dream bigger, accomplish more and deepen your connections without losing yourself.


How much longer are you going to continue repeating the same patterns over and over again, hoping and relying on outside circumstances to change?


You are the only one who can make the necessary changes to change the course of your life.


I know you’ve felt it too. That little twinge of knowing that you’re capable of more.


Catching glimpses of the full, technicolour version of yourself before retreating into the more timid, fearful version that feels like you’re existing only as a shell of your true self. 

Sure, some people might think you’re "too much" for making different decisions and going against the grain. But who are you living for?

How would your life look different if you faced some of your fears head on, trusting that you would figure it out along the way?


What would change in your life if you went into 2021 focused on the things that matter most to you, leaving behind all of the mind trash that’s holding you back?


Imagine this...

  • Having stronger, more meaningful connections and relationships.

  • Feeling confident, bold and using your voice to speak up to ask for exactly what you need and want.

  • Having the audacity to make choices that feel good to you, even if others look at you and go, "who does she think she is?!"

  • Thriving instead of living in a constant state of struggling to survive and make it through the day


How would your life look different if you got really honest with yourself about how you show up right now, compared to the person you wish to become and grow into? 


Are you waiting for things to magically get better?

Nothing is going to change when the clock strikes midnight on December 31.

The pandemic isn’t going to magically end.

You will still have the same set of problems, issues and habits that you did before.


The only thing that can change is YOU and how you approach things.

Your attitude, reactions, and how you respond and behave.

But it's going to require you to do things differently and get VERY honest with yourself.

Yes! Sign Me Up!

The Room to Grow Mastermind is right for you if you're...

  • Unsure what your next ‘right’ step is.

  • Confused about a potential career move.

  • Dealing with a major shift in relationships in your life.

  • Trying to learn how to show up as yourself, rather than the version of you that everyone else expects.

  • Wondering who you even are anymore, and feeling lost, dejected, and dissatisfied.

  • Exhausted, burned out, and knowing you need to make major changes in your life, but have no idea where to begin.

  • Ready to say "f*ck you" to the expectations others place upon you.


If you're silently screaming HELL YES to any of these, the Room to Grow Mastermind is exactly what you've been looking for. (You might be screaming out loud too, who knows, it's 2020. Anything goes πŸ˜‚ )

I'm here to fully and personally support you on your journey in a way that aligns with what you want most from your life and to help you move forward with the kind of confidence you haven't seen in yourself since...well, ever.

But you have to be willing to put in the work. That part, I can't do for you, K? πŸ˜‰


We start January 25th, 2021. Buckle up.

Hey, I'm Emily Gough

Hey, I'm Emily Gough

My life got flipped upside down with a knock on the door one Christmas Eve.  

It was 2018, and I found out that my partner at the time had been having an affair off/on for our entire 9 years together.

It was a devastating blow. The kind that left me quite literally unable to pull myself up off the cold tiles of the kitchen floor on more nights than I could count.

On top of that, 6 months earlier after spending a decade feeling trapped in my corporate job, I had finally quit to make a go of the little online side-hustle I’d been quietly working on. 

All of this added up to one of those moments when you float up out of your body, looking down on yourself and knowing your next decisions will impact the rest of your life.

Even though I was scared shitless, I ended the relationship, sold the house along with most of my belongings, and took off to the other side of the world with a one way plane ticket.

Honestly, I questioned my own sanity on more than one occasion πŸ˜‚

It would have been comfortable to stay in the job. Frankly, it would have been a lot more comfortable to stay in the relationship even with all of the deception that was uncovered.

But at some point, I decided the pain of staying comfortable was going to be far worse than facing the terror of the unknowns.

I spent so many years as the person who was hidden under all the layers of trying to please everyone else, deny my own needs and happiness in order to keep the peace, and not trusting myself enough to take steps towards what I knew I really wanted from life.

It wasn't until I chose to take the harder road to face the fear, doubt and lack of confidence in my own abilities that I was able to shift the entire course of my life - and it started with taking personal responsibility for my own role and actions with where I was in life.


So how did Room to Grow™ come about?

I started the Room to Grow™Podcast back in 2018, and it began as a place to talk about the uncomfortable topics we like to avoid. It grew and expanded globally to the point where I knew I wanted to take things deeper and offer more support, and the Room to Grow™ Mastermind is the result.

Cultivating deeper connections, teaching the hard lessons I've learned from navigating massive life transitions, and leaning into the realization that you are far more powerful than you realize - this is what the Mastermind is all about.

You get to choose your hard.

What’s worse? The pain of staying the same? Or the fear of navigating the unknown and the uncertainty that comes with it?

There’s never been a better time to get started. We’re creating a whole new normal, and the world isn’t going to look the same as what it did before this situation began.

Who do you want to be on the other side of 2020? 

How long are you going to wait? 

You get to choose your hard.

What’s worse? The pain of staying the same? Or the fear of navigating the unknown and the uncertainty that comes with it?

There’s never been a better time to get started. We’re creating a whole new normal, and the world isn’t going to look the same as what it did before this situation began.

Who do you want to be on the other side of 2020? 

How long are you going to wait? 

So what can you expect from the Room to Grow™ Mastermind?

Tough love & a no BS approach - with all kinds of compassion.

I’m not one to let you sit around stewing in your comfort zone.

This is where you come to have a fire lit under you and push you into taking the action you’ve been putting off. 

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t ready for more.


Tools to Navigate Uncertainty

2020 has given us hard lessons in uncertainty, loneliness and feeling unsure of ourselves.

And while you may have felt lost throughout this year, you’ve also been brave. You’ve done hard things. You’ve navigated unchartered territory.

And you don’t want to go back to the status quo.

Like it or not, life is going to look different on the other side of this global situation we've been going through. You get to make choices and decisions about how you handle what’s next, those decisions can change your entire path moving forward.

**VIP Option

Need extra support? I'm opening 5 VIP spots.

For the VIP option, you and I will have two - 45 minute private 1:1 calls over the 8 weeks, as well as ongoing Voxer and email support throughout. This is in addition to all the group activities included.

With my schedule and energy, I have to limit the number of VIP spots available so that I can fully dedicate my time and energy into serving you.

Once the 5 spots are filled, that's it. 



Week 1: Where Compassion & Uncertainty Collide

  • Getting comfortable with the unknowns
  • Managing expectations and attachment to outcomes
  • Personal ownership & responsibility 

Week 2: Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?!

  • Building self-awareness
  • Tapping into intuition & owning your choices
  • Vulnerability & how to know who has earned it

Week 3: Boundaries,  Communication, and More Boundaries

  • Figuring out where we are lacking boundaries
  • Using boundaries to strengthen relationships
  • Tools for improving communication 

Week 4: Relationships, Connection & Trust: Level the F Up

  • Connection Mind Mapping
  • Deepening our relationships with others
  • Leaning in even when it's scary

Week 5: Looking Fear in the Face

  • Fear of failure & success
  • Addressing procrastination & priorities
  • Imposter syndrome

Week 6: Building Confidence & Trusting Yourself to Make Decisions

  • Becoming confidently decisive
  • Learning self-integrity
  • Being courageous

Week 7: Forgiveness & Closure Are for You, Not Them

  • Moving past old hurts
  • Allowing space for the new
  • Letting go

Week 8: Reflection, Implementation & Going Deeper

  • Applying what's been learned
  • Leaving space to dive deeper into what the community wants to work on most, based on real-time feedback

8 Weeks of High-Quality Online Training Content

Weekly Live Coaching Calls and Community 

Hands On Support 

Special Guest Trainings and Connection

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