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Work Privately with Emily

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When you're ready, this is where everything changes.


Here's what I want you to know most: you’re not behind.

You’re exactly where you need to be, and this chapter of your story is just getting started.

You deserve to feel worthy, secure and confident. 

This coaching container is a collaboration. I’m here to hold space and guide you on your journey, to help you tap into the innate wisdom you already possess.

And when you're committed to the process, this is where transformation happens.


What working together 1:1 with me looks like:

  • Personalized attention unique to your needs to meet you exactly where you are while drastically improving your life & relationships

  • Learn to feel confidently secure from within while supported in a safe space as you grow 

  • This is for you if you’re ALL IN to do the deep work that will have you getting super honest with yourself, identifying & shattering old patterns, and learning the skills to strengthen your relationship to yourself & build thriving connections with others


This is a container where you'll feel supported with care and compassion, while having your old beliefs challenged as you grow into your next level.

You'll leave our time together with life-changing perspectives, insights and invaluable tools that will change the way you view yourself and how you approach all of your relationships.

Get out of your stories and start living your life.

It's time to step into your main character energy.

Emily's power is somewhere between clairvoyance & coaching.

She doesn’t just coach you, she sees you in a way that perhaps no one else has ever been able to, and this explains the rarity & power of Emily.

-Dr. Jade Teta

Ready to get started?

These aren't the skills taught in school. Yet our relationships impact every area of how we show up in the world, from our mental and physical health and sense of purpose, to our finances and how we connect.

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3 Month Commitment

  • Bi-weekly private coaching calls (60 mins)
  • Text/audio & email support (Voxer or WhatsApp)
  • Access to all of my masterclasses, workshops, and applicable group coaching programs

*payment plans available*

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6 Month Commitment

  • Bi-weekly private coaching calls (60 mins)
  • Text/audio & email support (Voxer or WhatsApp)
  • Access to all of my masterclasses, workshops, and applicable group coaching programs

*payment plans available*

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My life has changed since meeting Emily.

I’ve never had 1:1 coaching before, and although I knew I would benefit from it, I was always skeptical. I feel so lucky that we connected at the exact time I needed her, and was instantly rid of the skepticism and wished I had met her sooner. My anxiety-ridden body has finally been able to take a deep breath, accept my quirks, and learn to love and appreciate myself. As a result of my personal growth, my relationships (professional, platonic & romantic) have all flourished in ways I never thought would be possible. I will sing her praises today and everyday!


It’s hard to put into words how Emily’s incredible presence has influenced my life so far.

Not only does Emily make you feel all the feels, she encourages it. Life is about accepting the changes, the good, the bad and the in between and Emily reminds me of this and has helped me examine my old patterns & weaknesses while reminding & revealing to me my strengths. 

Want to build a better life story and realize the beauty in your life story so far? Then you must connect with Emily. She has helped me trust the process, feel the pain, celebrate the joy and bounce a little higher after each fall. Don't miss out on improving your relationships with friends, lovers, coworkers, family and most importantly, yourself.


What I learned most from Emily was self compassion and that’s how I like to live now.

It’s something I had really struggled with, especially as an overachiever and a male. From a male point of view we are taught to avoid talking about our emotions. I was going through a breakup and grieving the relationship, and there was something different about Emily’s energy as a coach, so authentic and genuine. Emily understood me as an individual and coached me to deal with my pain, made me sit in the discomfort and helped me figure out how to live with it in a healthy way rather than suppressing it. If you work with Emily, commit to the process and you won’t have any regrets.