Grow the Sh*t Out of Your Podcast.

Learn the tools and strategies that put your podcast to work for you and your business while you sleep.

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Increase Downloads with NO Ads

These are 100% organic strategies that will go to work for you in the background.

Be BOLD and Stand Out From the Crowd

Shake things up to slow the scroll. You want to make people go WHOA, is she talking to me?! 

Massively Grow Your Business

Use your podcast as a tool to expand your reach, share your message and make more money.


If you're crossing your fingers hoping people find you by some miracle, you'll be waiting a long damn time.


Without a plan in place to continuously bring in new listeners, you're wasting the valuable time, energy and effort you put into your podcast every single week.

Make it hard for people *not* to stumble across you, even with a simple Google search. Because no one will know you exist on the second page of results.

You need to find ways to connect with listeners, allow your personality to shine & use a strategy to stand out in a noisy space.

Jam packed and spicy, these tools are going to walk you through the step by step process to catapult your podcast onto a whole new level, while making it fun along the way.

Best part? These are things that can be put into place right away and pay off for years to come without you having to lift another finger after the initial work. 

This is the sh*t no one is telling you about podcasting.

Hey, I'm Emily

I wasn't sure anyone other than my mom was going to tune in when I launched the Room to Grow™ Podcast, but hit publish anyway. Now, Room to Grow™ consistently hits top 200 charts in Relationships & Mental Health around the globe and is listened to in more than 110 countries.

After years of podcasting, multiple podcast launches, consistently hitting charts worldwide and helping my students do the same, I'm teaching you EXACTLY what you need to know about how to take your podcast to the next level. 

Because I see you over there, putting in all the hard work, and I want to make sure you get your message out into the world, share your story and monetize your podcast to grow your business.

Yes, I'm IN!

Anyone can grab a mic and hit record. But what about everything that comes after that? 

Do you...

✔️Want to start a podcast and get a jump start on how the hell to market it?

✔️Already have a podcast but not seeing the growth you want - either in downloads or through your business revenue?

✔️Have a small audience and unsure how to use that to your advantage?

✔️Feel as though no one is listening and you're screaming into the void?

✔️Wondering why you're putting all the hard work in when all your raving fans haven't shown up yet?

✔️Feeling as though the only way to get well-known is to have big-name guests?

✔️Want to crack the code on how to hit charts?


You have two options.


Keep doing things the same way, trying to figure it out as you go and hope for the best.


Or, you can take advantage of my years of personal experience and learn how to fast track your success.


Before you dive in, let's look at the numbers.

There are around 2 million podcasts currently, compared to over 50 million YouTube channels and over 400 millions blogs. Which means podcasts are still in their infancy - especially since only around 750,000 of podcasts are active (meaning, updated regularly.)


Average length of time people spend consuming content on other major platforms:

Watching Facebook Live videos: 10 seconds

Reading a blog post: 96 seconds

Watching YouTube videos: 11.7 minutes


Podcast listeners, however, spend an average of 6 hours and 37 minutes listening to podcasts every. Single. Week.


80% of podcast listeners stick around for all or most of an entire episode. 

All that while the average length of a podcast is around 43 minutes.

And most podcast listeners subscribe to 7 different shows or more.


These kinds of numbers show you how powerful the podcasting platform is and why you need to start taking  FULL advantage today.


Don't waste this opportunity to get in on the ground floor and maximize your work.

Stand out from the crowd and make sure the world hears what you have to say.

Because you have a message and story to share that no one else does. So stop spinning your wheels and wasting time.

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Grow the Sh*t Out of Your Podcast

$97.00 USD

6 Modules and All The Tools You Need to Scale Your Podcast

Module 1: Why a Podcast is Crucial to Business Growth

Module 2: Putting Search Engine Optimization to Work for You

Module 3: Voice Search is Changing the Way We Do SEO

Module 4: Make the Most of Show Notes & Transcriptions

Module 5: How to Maximize Guest Interviews & Conversations

Module 6: Promotion. You Recorded It, Let's Market It



Yes, I want this!