LIVE 60-minute Workshop

How to Find Your Theme for 2023  

You're only one step away from creating your own anchor point that will have you making bold moves and big shifts for the next year.  


When: Friday December 16th @ 11am EST


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Having a theme can change your entire trajectory.

A theme is what you can come back to over and over again, all year long.

It builds momentum, provides structure, gives the opportunity for creating accountability, and it actually WORKS - unlike those yearly resolutions.

But this is about so much more than plucking a word out of thin air and hoping for the best.

Creating a theme for the year requires reflection, forward-thinking, recognizing within yourself how much damn potential you have - and then taking the active steps to light a fire under your own ass.

A theme can help you shift your relationships and the way you see yourself. It can catapult your career and change your entire life.

And we're here to teach you EXACTLY how we've both used yearly themes in our lives to do exactly that.

Everything from making cross-country and transatlantic moves, creating fulfilling and beautiful relationships, building businesses from the ground up, and actually liking ourselves through the process.

It's not the hustle we're after. It's energetic alignment, congruence and integrity from within.

This is your moment to decide how you're going to navigate 2023 and everything it will bring.

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Meet your hosts, Emily Gough & Greg Ryder

We've teamed up to break down everything you need to know to create a theme for the upcoming year to make those big moves you've been avoiding.

With a shared appreciation and understanding of the hard work, intention and energy that growth requires, we're combining our unique skillsets to give you a rock-solid framework on how to feel completely confident in your ability to create change in your life and relationships, and career and/or business.



Emily is a human connection coach, writer, speaker and host/founder of the respected top 200 Room to Grow™ Podcast. Fuelled by insatiable curiosity for the nuance and complexities of relationships and the human experience, she takes a holistic mind/body approach using the psychology and physiology of emotions to give you the guidance, real-life tools and perspective you need to take ownership of your life, revolutionize your relationship to yourself, and create thriving connections with others.

Connect with Emily here or on IG @emilygoughcoach



Greg is the Co-founder and Operations Lead of Bam Digital, Canada’s leading real-estate technology company.

As an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of executing large fortune 100 company project rollouts, Greg now focuses on giving back to the rising tide of the next leaders. 

His areas of specialization fall into Systems and Operations Management, Client Delivery, Project Execution, Strategic Career Planning, Communications, and Workshop Facilitation.

Connect with Greg on LinkedIn here. 

"Greg’s coaching style is rare - very practical, useful and in touch with real needs for advancement. Any student of yours is super lucky to have you!"

Chelsea Ezeagwuna

"Emily is such an inspiration and a gift to be able to gain insight into how I behave, where my thought processes might be coming from and really stretched me to think deeper about things. I have a lot of work to do but at least now I have somewhere to start."

Val N.

"Greg is a master facilitator, but more important is his ability to be a true partner to his clients and listeners. He's smart, organized, proactive, and just an all-around solid, down-to-earth human being."

Chris Burd

"Emily's power is somewhere between clairvoyance and coaching. She doesn't just coach you, she sees you in a way that perhaps no one else has ever been able to."

Jade Teta

The life and relationships you want are on the other side of the shifts you're been procrastinating on.