becoming YOU.

Reclaim your power & step into a f*ck yes relationship with yourself.




becoming YOU.

Reclaim your power & step into a f*ck yes relationship with yourself.


Learn to give yourself the level of compassion you usually reserve for everyone else.

Embrace your wild and free spirit.

Create home from within.

And reclaim your power to step into a f*ck yes relationship with yourself...and watch ALL your relationships flourish.

There’s something magical that happens when we start to trust who we really are.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, when you deepen into becoming more of yourself than you’ve ever let anyone else see, your entire energy shifts.

It’s magnetic.

And damn, does confidence look good on you πŸ”₯


Who is Becoming YOU for?

It's for the woman who is FINALLY ready to take up space.

To bring more joy into your life, to create strong, fulfilling relationships and to connect with yourself in ways you've never experienced.

Most of all, it's about cultivating a sense of home from within and learning to nourish yourself in ways you've never experienced before, so that you can show up in all the other areas of your life with confidence, clarity and courage.

It's about becoming more authentically YOU - the woman you've always been, just waiting to be uncovered as you peel back some of the layers.

6 weeks. More YOU.

What's included:

One 30 minute BONUS 1:1 private call with Emily, plus...

Access to Back-end Portal

Additional resources, exercises and info to support you on this journey.

Weekly Group Calls & Live Q&A with Emily

Where the most magic happens πŸ₯°

Potent calls where I'll be teaching & we'll be having live discussions together.

Private WhatsApp Group

No one flourishes alone. This is where you get to learn from & support each other!

We start in September 2023 πŸ”₯


I loved this program.

Emily is such an inspiration and a gift to be able to gain insight into how I behave, where my thought processes might be coming from and really stretched me to think deeper about things. I have a lot of work to do but at least now I have somewhere to start. Emily created such a positive, loving and warm environment for the group and none of us want to stop!

Val N.

Hi, I'm Emily Gough.

I'm a human connection coach, founder/host of the respected top 200 podcast Room to Grow™ and featured in well-known publications like Forbes & Thrive Global.

Most importantly, I deeply believe that the quality of our relationships expand as we do. 

And for most of my life, I searched for a sense of home outside of myself.

I looked for that feeling of home in people, places, relationships, experiences, and fleeting feelings. But I never quite felt like I had the foundation I needed to take up space in the world in the way I KNEW I was capable.

After moving across 3 continents multiple times over 3 years, studying under top mentors and coaches, and a lot of lessons learned the hard way, here’s what I finally learned:

Home really does come from within.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½It’s putting your hand on your heart and reminding yourself you’ll be ok, no matter where you are or what's going on in your life.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½It’s being able to deeply miss people while having the immense gift of creating new relationships at the exact same time and allowing space for both of those experiences at once.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½It’s in the way you can learn to ground your energy while allowing your spirit to remain wild, free and untamed.

It’s in your becoming.

Becoming YOU.

We begin in September 2023 - stay tuned for details!




What's included: 

  • 6 weekly LIVE group coaching calls with Q&A
  • Private 1:1 30 minute call with Emily
  • Access to back-end portal with additional resources
  • Private WhatsApp group for community support between calls
  • One transformative experience - and a life-changing sense of ease & confidence from within.

You're ready.

To show up with intention. Reclaim your power, your energy, and your connection to yourself. And to take up every damn inch of space you know you're meant to.

Becoming YOU is a 6 week program, and we meet weekly starting in September 2023. 


Laura B.

For years, I have been squashing how I feel by telling myself stories strongly enough to say ‘it’s all in my head’, ‘it’s not a big deal’, and ‘it will get better’. Now, I feel like my life is only starting… I have had more awkward and honest conversations than I ever have. Every step brings me closer to being my most authentic self. It’s hard. It’s beautiful.

Donna M.

Emily has a gift of encouraging others to become the best version of themselves, to speak our truths and communicate our needs. This group helped me to crack open my heart and take a peek inside while at the same time help me feel comfortable sharing my true authentic self with others!

Jess B.

Working with Emily initiated a desire to nourish myself. Before working with her, I hadn't realized how much I looked to other people to do this FOR me. I was expecting other people to MAKE me feel loved, cared for, important and worthy of rest. Emily helped me to realize a) that I was doing this at all and b) how to actually love taking care of me, myself.


The Becoming YOU sessions were excellent. It was perfect length to learn and have to go practice and work on what we learned. I also think it was a great price, especially with the BONUS one-on-one time with Emily. The content was so relevant!


I wish I had this program back in school, I think my life would be totally different on how I build and communicate in relationships.